On November 2nd at 8pm Eastern, We’re Accepting 500 Subscribers into our First-Ever “Pilot Test” of a new strategy that could double your investment by this time next year

Important Note: We’re currently building a new research service around this idea. It won’t officially launch until 2017. But for one night only you’ll have the opportunity to join before everyone else at a special, “pre-charter” rate. In exchange, we simply ask that you field test this simple strategy for us and report your results.

Dear Friend,

Fernando Cruz, Director of Bonner & Partners here.

Did you know there’s a way to double your money before the end of 2017—without taking on crazy risks?

It’s a rarely-used strategy that lets you:

These are just some of the intriguing facts Bonner & Partners will share with you LIVE on November 2nd.

In this exclusive event, you’ll get a first look at our new trading research service…one that’s unlike anything else we have offered in the past…

During this live broadcast, we will explain the details behind a powerful new service one of our most successful editors developed over the past 15 years. It’s based on a system so consistent, a few of our top executives had to “test drive” to believe it.

Over several months, they followed this strategy in their own brokerage accounts, and made the trades.

This wasn’t back testing, or paper trading, or anything like that.

They risked their own money understanding that the company wasn’t “backing them.”

For example:

Amber Mason tested it with her personal account…

And the editor of our Exponential Tech Investor put his own money at stake…

Frankly, the results were so surprising, some felt it was just a “lucky streak”.

Yet as part of our internal test, every one of our trades were profitable. That’s a 100% track record so far. We’ll share all the details on the upcoming webinar. But Amber Mason, for instance, expects to double her money this year. And has not lost a single penny.

Before I explain, let me share with you how this is going to work…

How this will work…

Jeff Brown, Editor of Exponential Tech Investor, has been working on this unique system for over 15 years now. And for the past year, he’s been building a service around it.

You see, there’s a big difference between trading on your own, and building a mechanism for finding and delivering those same ideas to a small group of people.

Can it work for you and other valued subscribers?

Can it work for the person who doesn't have decades of training and experience?

We believe it can.

That’s why we’d like to launch a new service around this idea in a couple months from now.

But before we do, we’d like to run a “pilot trial” with real subscribers having the opportunity to learn and try this idea in real situations.

500 to be exact.

On November 2nd only at 8pm Eastern you’ll have a chance to be one of only 500 of our readers who can get a first look at this new, and rarely used trading method as one of our Beta Testers…

Before we release it in 2017. Not only does this give you a huge advantage over everyone else, but if you’re one of the lucky beta testers, you’ll potentially profit while everyone else is waiting to get in.

So what’s this all about?

In essence, we’re revealing a way for you to make speculation-type gains while preserving capital…

In fact, as you’ll discover on the live beta launch event, your total risk is completely up to you.

Are you more conservative and only wish to risk $500 of your portfolio? You can do that.

Are you willing to risk more in exchange for bigger returns? You can do that as well.

As you’ll see, the risk is locked in and you cannot lose more than what you’ve decided ahead of time is acceptable.

But the true genius of this system is the potential gains.

It’s a way to potentially DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT in under a year.

Amber Lee Mason
Managing Partner,
Bonner & Partners

This is the best way I’ve found to double your investment by this time next year

We’ll reveal this newest trading research service, how it works, real life examples, and much more at our one-time webinar event this November 2nd at 8 P.M.

Note: we will not replay this live event. You see, we will begin broadcasting live and, while we will record everything, we will not replay it.

The reason is simple.

After we reveal how the system works on the webinar, access to this new service will open to everyone watching and we will sell out all 500 beta spots.

How can we be so sure?

First, our live events typically attract 10,000 to 15,000 people.

Second, when you see exactly how simple this system is and how amazing the gains are, you’ll want to join right away.

Third, when we launch this service next year, we’re planning on pricing it at $4,000. For the beta launch, the price will be nowhere near that. In fact, we’re confident you’ll be surprised at how low we’re pricing it.

While this service is 95% of the way there, you’re getting a “deal” because this is not a finished product. And we want to give you something in return for agreeing to read our research and, if you choose to, field test our strategy and report on your results.

So we’ll likely have 15,000+ in attendance… thousands wanting to get in… an extremely low price to get in as a beta tester… a current 100% win rate… and it all adds up to the inevitable.

We will completely fill all 500 available spots that night.

All you have to do now is enter your email below for your chance to start making money before we release this service to the world. When you enter your email below, you’re added to the notification list and we’ll let you know how you can attend the live webinar. The entire event will broadcast online, so you won’t leave the comfort of your own home in order to attend:

As I mentioned before, folks here at Bonner & Partners used this strategy for themselves on a few test trades.

One of those was our own Amber Mason, Managing Partner of Bonner & Partners and here’s what she had to say:

“If you’re at all interested in trading, you owe it to yourself to learn more. This is the best, lowest-risk way I’ve found to double your investment by this time next year.”

And while it’s great to hear about her experience in her own words, the returns she’s achieved following this strategy have been nothing short of impressive.

But like I said before, we don’t want to openly share the returns here. They’re so good they almost drift into the “too-good-to-be-true” category and so we’ll unveil them live during the online beta launch event.

And since it’s live, we’ll be able to answer any questions you have (please keep in mind, we cannot give any personalized investment advice).

Now the bad news…

You may not be able to join.

We won’t be officially launching this brand new research service until sometime in 2017.


We are opening the doors for a FEW Beta Testers…

500 to be exact.

We will give you all the details in a one-time only live beta launch event this November 2nd at 8 P.M. There will be no replay of this event and we fully expect the 500 slots to be reserved well before the webinar ends.

Should You Join Us on the Live Event?

We believe every single one of our subscribers should join us on November 2nd, however, you should only join us if:

If any of these is true, you’ll want to sign up for this special online event right away. The event is completely free, and if you join us you are under no obligation whatsoever to become a Beta Tester.

But if you join, you’ll have a chance to be one of 500 readers to get a first look at our newest (and possibly most profitable) service.

Talk soon,

Fernando Cruz, Director
Host of “How To Potentially Double Your Investment In One Year Using This Single Strategy”

P.S…Remember, this is a one-time only live broadcast. There will be NO REPLAY.

Unfortunately, no exceptions will be made for anyone, regardless of circumstance. And while we don’t enjoy doing this, as you saw from what I shared above, there’s simply no way for us to replay this event.