How to Survive (and Prosper) in the Single Greatest Wealth Transfer of Our Generation

A special situation—approximately 50 years in the making—is unfolding before our very eyes right now...

What we’re about to witness will go down as the greatest wealth transfer of our generation.

On one side, it will be very destructive. Several large, billion-dollar companies will likely go bankrupt, practically overnight. And millions will lose their jobs.

On the other side, many individuals will benefit from the single largest windfall of their entire lives...

The changes ahead of us are ones that will affect everyone.

The way you shop, travel, bank, work, receive healthcare—even the way you retire—are about to change drastically and permanently.

Men, woman, children, seniors—all will be affected.

As you may have guessed, this has to do with powerful technological changes that are now underway. A handful of amazing technologies will bring about more change in the next five to ten years... than happened in the last 50 years.

What is coming will have a greater impact than the introduction of the Internet and cellular phones.

In this special landmark online training series, Jeff Brown, one of the world’s most connected technology insiders, will help navigate us through the coming changes.

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